dirty little secret

cary cooper
Cary Cooper, Tom Prasada-Rao, Amy Speace & Jagoda


(Because we all have dirty little secrets...and because the truth will set you free.)


My dirty little secret's

Not a secret anymore

I can't even keep it from myself

Everybody's secrets

Look the same behind close doors

If I had only known before I fell


Can you even recognize

The better part of me

Undercover in disguise

Where I wanna be

Anywhere but me


My dirty little secret

Spilled out on the kitchen floor

As you pour your second cup of tea

I can't clean it up

The way I always did before

On the sly so no one else can see


Can you even recognize the better part of me

In my lies and alibis where I wanna be

Anywhere but me


If I'm good enough you am I good enough for me


Can you even recognize

The heart inside my sleeve

What is left for me to hide

Who's left to believe

Anyone but me